Enhanced ability to monitor and control patient flow

Practice Dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of the office with comprehensive visibility of the patient flow, patient status and patient priority levels.

You will know exactly where your patients are, what they are having done, how long they have waited, who is ready to be seen, and who may require special attention.

Automatic and manual patient, provider, and operatory alerts represented on the screen by easy to see and understand graphics keep staff aware of the areas that require immediate attention.

Enhanced ability to <span>monitor</span> and <span>control</span> patient flow

Streamlined Team Communications

Real-Time information sharing via discrete messages and broadcasts keeps everyone on the same page. Color coded messages with audible alerts are used to automatically announce patient arrival or last minute changes in the schedule, request assistance, summon a provider, or send any other important information.

Messages can be broadcasted to every desktop computer or device in the office or sent to a specific provider or specific location.

Real-Time Patient Tracking automatically records patients’ wait and treatment times, and other critical statistics.

Streamlined <span>Team Communications</span>

Ubiquitous Huddle

In an ideal world, all team members would come to daily huddles prepared. In a real world, busy team members need to spend their valuable time taking care of patients. YAPI makes productive huddles a reality. Ubiquitous Huddle automatically gathers important information from different parts of your practice management software and brings it all together on an interactive display in just seconds.

This invaluable tool instantly identifies scheduled patients with balances, past due recall, unconfirmed appointments, history of missed appointments, and other problems. Armed with real-time, accurate, and actionable information, your clinical and administrative team members are able to take charge of today, review what happened yesterday, and plan for tomorrow.

Ubiquitous <span>Huddle</span>

Track you practice performance with Quick KPI

With YAPI, your practice statistics are just one tap away. YAPI puts you in touch with your data anywhere, anytime.

Quick KPI delivers relevant data from multiple reports into a single application. Check your production, adjustments, collections and new patient count by day, month or year on a single screen with a single tap. Analyze practice trends and track production by provider or measure production against collection. Compare your real numbers to your goal to see if your team is on track to meeting your monthly goal.

Track you practice <span>performance</span> with Quick <span>KPI</span>

Maximize every patient encounter

YAPI Activity Report is generated daily to provide dentists with a comprehensive analysis of the office flow, chair or provider utilization, scheduling conflicts and time management.

YAPI compiles information about every patient and appointment into one easy to view report that helps to identify patients who waited too long, stayed longer then scheduled, failed to schedule the next appointment, left the office dissatisfied for any reason or require a follow up

<span>Maximize</span> every patient encounter

Practice on the GO

YAPI UH app for iPhone allows you securely access your office schedule, Huddle, Care Call List.

This interactive and mobile solution enables your team members to collaborate on-the-go whether they are connecting from a mobile device or a desktop computer.

Practice on the <span>GO</span>

What YAPI Users Say

YAPI helps to reduce paper and save time! I was concerned whether YAPI would integrate with Open Dental as well as advertised. We found that it integrates very well. We are so happy with many features: the ability to complete patients forms on an iPad and push them through to Open Dental via YAPI; the ability to two-way text between workstations; the KPI overview and the ability to identify if a patient is “ready” for the doctor.
The Appointment Confirmation system is hands-down better than DemandForce. We like the two-way/real-time texting and the communication log. Patients seem to respond and confirm much better with YAPI’s messaging than they ever did with DemandForce. We see a huge decrease in having to make reminder recalls!
Dr. Mark Maher
Dr. Mark Maher
Walnut Creek Dentist
We have been thrilled with everything we can do with YAPI! Before signing up I was concerned about getting everyone in the office trained to use YAPI, but with the online training and a little practice it turned out to be no problem at all. With YAPI, we now have patients fill out new patient paperwork online and have them sign any documents that need signatures on an iPad. We have reduced almost all of the scanning! I even have had patients comment about how efficient the office has become.
Holly Robinson
Holly Robinson
Stutler Dental
I am very happy with my decision to go with YAPI! I went with YAPI from the beginning phase of my startup. Opening from scratch, we were going to be dealing with a lot all at once. I really wanted to make sure I was going with software that was easy to use. I also wanted to start out running the practice as close to paperless as possible. We signed up before we even had our office network finalized. We were able to get everything started as smoothly as possible with a lot of help from YAPI support.
They have great customer service and we had no problems getting things implemented as quickly as possible. YAPI is an easy software to use with great features and seamless integration into my practice manager software!
Dr. Robert Freitas
Dr. Robert Freitas
Brentwood General Dentist
YAPI, by far outshines the competition with its simplicity and the tremendous value it brings to my practice. I was about to open a high tech practice and I was researching the use of iPads in a dental practice when I read a few references to YAPI on DentalTown. At first, I had some reservations because YAPI was only referenced in a few threads and there was little information available. I felt like YAPI was a gamble which I have come to realize has paid off handsomely.

After the initial training, I found out that I had no real idea just how powerful, easy and intuitive YAPI could be. I began exploring all the options with the software & realized what a steal of a deal YAPI is for my practice. The seamless integration with Open dental has truly made our practice paperless. Many offices claim to be paperless but are really just less paper. With YAPI, we have been able to orchestrate a truly paperless workflow.

The best feature of YAPI is the ability to setup a system of obtaining all of the necessary documents. I love being able to create paperwork packages which ensure that all necessary consent forms, medical history, dental history, HIPAA, consent for electronic communication, etc are accounted for prior to a New Patient appointment. My staff simply can't forget a form! This feature helps me protect myself and my practice in ways that no other add-on software available can do.

I also love the Dental History form. I can scan it very quickly because YAPI changes color of the responses and I can quickly address patients’ concerns. Acceptance of treatment is much easier when you know what your patients want before you even meet them.

I love that YAPI provides a quick & thorough analysis of common practice metrics. I don't have to create spreadsheets and print reports from my PMS to get all the metrics I need to track to measure how my practice is doing. With YAPI, I have the analysis I need in seconds. YAPI makes it too easy for me to run my practice and continue as a successful high tech practice owner.

Patients love the iPad integration. My staff loves being able to quickly transfer patient information into Open Dental without trying to read chicken-scratch writing on patient forms or scanning reams of paper each month.

Our practice is growing very quickly. I opened my startup with myself and 2 full time, cross-trained employees. Now, 10 months later, we grew to 5 employees and have been interviewing for an associate. Luckily, YAPI makes our daily tasks quick and efficient. YAPI saves us so much time due to the automation of appointment confirmations, digital signatures on treatment forms and consent forms along with all of the other daily minutia that staff really hate. In short, YAPI keeps my staff happy by continuing to make their jobs easy and productive which makes my job easy and productive.

YAPI has changed my perception of how a practice should be setup in the truly digital age. I look at my front desk area everyday and wish I knew about YAPI when I was designing my office. I would have completely redesigned the traditional front office area into a more streamlined design similar to a high end concierge station. I could have easily added an additional op for productive space instead of the large & unused front office area. We saw 108 NP in August 2014 and YAPI allowed us to quickly and efficiently process their paperwork. The efficiency of YAPI is a real game changer for the efficient modern dental practice.
Dr. Colin Lathrop
Dr. Colin Lathrop
Lathrop Dental Center
We have been super happy with YAPI! 
At first, I was thinking it was geared towards big offices but I am amazed how well it works in my 4 chair practice.
Intraoffice Communication: In the beginning, we had tried radios for our office communication but it did not work for us. YAPI, has been super easy to implement and my staff loves being able to communicate quickly and effectively, without patients noticing. Our patients think it is magical when they get walked up to the front and the front desk knows exactly what they need without anyone saying a word or looking through the chart. When patients catch a glimpse of their "cartoon" selves on the monitor they are super interested in what it is. Next step is hooking my Pebble watch up to receive notifications.
Forms: Works seamlessly with Eaglesoft 16. We have double hygiene so I got two iPads. We are not fully paperless, but YAPI is going to make our transition much smoother.
Recall: Seventeen patients booked the first week. We were already using another service prior to YAPI, I am not sure what the difference was, but our hygiene is now very full.
Texting: Patients seem obsessed with texting my front desk. We sent an email to patients with our new phone number to text message the front office and they have been constantly texting with patients since. In fact, YAPI just paid for itself for almost a year, we had this patient who had disappeared with a large balance suddenly they texted and paid off their balance. Overall we have been very pleased with the product and the training. I have nothing bad to say about the company we used before, but YAPI does way more for the same price.
Dr. Rachel Fine
Dr. Rachel Fine
The Glendale Dentist

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